What is the Best School Out there For International Students?

The Rotterdam International Secondary School is a very small international secondary school based in the Blijdorp district of Rotterdam, Netherlands. It offers preparatory and intermediate education programs at the elementary, middle and secondary levels. English is often used as the main medium of education. There are about 1500 students from thirty countries attending the various classes.

Why Cambridge International at Podar

This international secondary school was established by the United World School Construction Association (UNSCCA). This association has twenty-one members from eighteen countries. It is a non-profit institution that meets the needs of students who are looking to complete their secondary school education in United States or other first world countries. It provides international students with opportunities to work and gain experience in one of the many fields of study offered by the academy.

One of the main features of the RISS is the opportunity for students from non-English speaking countries to gain some fluency in English. At every session, students from various cultures interact with each other in order to increase their understanding of the English language. They also visit the country of origin and converse with native speakers. This helps them better understand the culture and society of that country. Through this, students learn how to behave in a Western European society and learn the differences between the European and the North American cultures.

Students have the option of choosing a course that best fits their specific interests and abilities. Some of the subjects that they can choose to study include mathematics, humanities, reading and writing. They also have the choice between Spanish and ESL (English as a Second Language) courses. The academy is run under the supervision of Dr. Jaeyoon Lim, a well known educator from the United Kingdom. He was previously the principal instructor at the prestigious London School of Economics and is considered as one of the top education experts in the world.

The international secondary school in Pakistan has been offering the quality education ever since it started operations in 2021. Dr. Lim is the head of the German School and is recognized as a world leader in educational development. The school continues to receive much international recognition for its excellent teaching methods and for the wide range of foreign students it attracts every year. It is also accredited by the UNESCO and is a member of the German School Association.

If you are looking for a good destination to study abroad, then definitely, the Monterrey Institute of Education in Pakistan is your best choice! It offers excellent quality education and research facilities. You can read more about the Montevideo website on our main article dedicated to this place. Furthermore, we offer some other useful links that will help you learn more about international schools in Pakistan and about the country itself.

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